Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Help, Mama Ain't Got No Inspiration!

I hate to say it, but I'm just not feelin' "it" lately! I am surrounded by a beautiful variety of fabrics, a ga-zillion tools to make sewing life even easier, and tons of books and patterns(not to mention EQ6), but my mind goes numb and I walk away overwhelmed and throw up my hands, deciding to do nothing. Anyone else know this feeling? Does it go away, or should I let my hubby have that stash sale he's been hoping for? Well, let's not go THAT far...it's a good thing fabric doesn't go bad, it'll just be waiting for me when I feel the need, the need for sewin' speed again! For now, I'm going to enjoy the quiet evenings next to the warm cozy fire, bake Christmas cookies for my Dad (I'm his only hope since my mom and sister don't bake), and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas for the 17th - 25th time with my son. Fun times and wonderful memories...I still treasure these things, so I guess that does make me a true quilter at heart!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!

I felt the same way....but then I stumbled upon some blogs by quilters and I got my motivation back. I found such inspiration! Try it! Start with the Henry Glass blog and you will find 17 designers/quilters there!

Vanessa in Oklahoma