Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to Our Blog!

A big hello to you! A warm welcome and thanks for visiting. As with many quilt projects, this blog has been a long time "idea" in the works. We're finally getting it together, but we are taking a different approach than most other "quilting" blogs. Instead of the usual "how-to's" and sometimes boring project features, we thought it would be fun to bring you the crazy days of a quilter who wishes she could quilt all day long, but life takes her in a gazllion different directions. We figured most quilters of today could relate, so what could be more fun than "chit-chatting" about the reality of being a Quilt Diva...Wannabe!

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am excited to be your host! To tell you about me..I'm a quilt diva..I wish!!! I have purchased hundreds of books and magazines, have a stash so large my husband threatens to open shop and hold a "sale" when I go away, and I'm pretty sure I have just as many "toys and tools" in my studio as the boys have in the garage. I was bitten by the quilting bug in 2003 and whipped out so many quilts the first year my family almost forgot who I was and thought I had gone into a self-induced "sewcoma!" Then, to my dismay, life, and maybe a bit of guilt, got in the way. I also became so obsessed with putting out a "perfect" quilt that everything came to a screaming halt. More about all that to come!

I am a wife,  mom,  daughter,  grand-daughter,  neice,  businessowner,  homeowner,  teacher, church-goer, taxi, and most days, wishfully, a quilter. Does that sound like you too? Can I call myself a quilter if I don't quilt for a day, a month, a year? Does it count to have all the "stuff" but not have the time or energy to use it? I will share the craziness of it all and look forward to hearing your stories too! My hope is that I give you a smile or a laugh and maybe a little inspiration, so come along and enjoy the ride.

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kittyj said...

I am not as busy as you are but I do have lots of things I love to do. I love to sew, thus quilting was the next step. I divide my time between sewing, quilting, knitting and beading. I do some charity projects but not as many or as often as I should. I do have a quilt on my quilt frame that has been there for well over a year. YIKES!! Plan on getting it off soon. Look forward to following your Blog!!.