Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summertime Dilemma

Summer is upon us and once again the hobby heart-strings are being pulled. Almost every quilter I have ever known is also an avid gardener, so when the weather gets warm and the sun is shining, the question sew, or not to sew? Most of us leave our special sewing spot to head outdoors, dig in the dirt, and get our hands dirty. We enjoy the design, creation, and cultivation of a beautiful harvest. Much like a quilt, it's a process. Step by step we work toward completion with love, determination, and sometimes even a little frustration. We lay out our gardens with the same precision we lay out our quilts, always seeking to attain the perfect complimentary design. At the end of the day we are satisfied to soak in the tub, put our jammies on and climb under a comfy cool quilt.

So, if quilting is our first love, do we feel guilt when we "cheat" in our garden? I know I used to! I was the ultimately perfectionist, wanting to get everything done, and that included every hobby I thought I had to do to be satisfied. All I have to say to that now is what a bummer! It stunk to constantly stress myself out that I wasn't getting enough done, and the worst part was, it took away from the enjoyment of doing anything and everything. Now? Wow have things changed! Growing older, calmer, and a wee bit wiser, I can now take in the enjoyment of doing just what I'm doing, without worrying about what I'm not getting done. The dishes can wait, the fabric won't go anywhere, and the quilts will eventually get done. In the meantime, I will revel in the enjoyment of feeding my family a lovely harvest...the same feeling I get when my son wraps himself in his quilt from mama.

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